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Hyip information survey

Take your time to read the Hyip Information Survey #556 observing more or less stable performance in the Top Choice section with only one newcomer introduced here. Eight newcomers are introduced in the Openings section, as well as as some hyips were upgraded and some got blacklisted. As for the Problems section there is a short list of Problem hyips and quite a long list of Closed ones, six of which used to be listed at HyipNews either. Some news from the hyips online along with the updates from SolidTrustPay concerning the Canada Day celebration, as well as the notification from OKPAY concerning the ongoing maintenance and Payza reminder on using Altcoins with Payza to fund Payza card and Payza wallet are given in the Emoney section below. The Hyip Quotes update with some changes is also provided below.


Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #556 published this Friday.

Here is the list of highest rated and most long-term running programs in the list below:

1. HourPower Listed: 232 days Profit: 1.48-10% hourly for 72-24 hours! Term: up to 3 calendar days!
2. Aurum Bank Listed: 205 days Profit: 0.8-5% daily! Term: up to 260 trading days!
4. Hour Pay Listed: 186 days Profit: 1.1-2.25% hourly for 96 hours 7-10% hourly for 48 hours 15-20% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!
4. HourlyUsd Listed: 181 days Profit: 1.08-1.25% hourly for 96 hours 5-6% hourly for 48 hours 16-21% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!

1. Investellect Listed: 107 days Profit: 1.2-1.4% daily 600-1700% after 60-120 days! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
2. Betincome Listed: 143 days Profit: 1.3-4% daily 3% weekly! Term: up to 100 business days!
3. Successful Traders Listed: 87 days Profit: 2.5-4.5% daily 188-399% after 5-8 days! Term: up to 45 calendar days!
4. Hour888 Listed: 85 days Profit: 1.49~15% hourly for 20-70 hours 106.5-3000% after 1-7 days! Term: up to 7 calendar days!
5. Pay Invest Listed: 60 days Profit: 0.9-20% hourly for 120-24 hours! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
6. Jade Valley Listed: 102 days Profit: 1% daily! Term: for lifetime!
7. Hour Paid Listed: 94 days Profit: 0.9%-20%% hourly for 120-24 hours! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
8. BtcClock Listed: 65 days Profit: 3.84% daily! Term: for lifetime!
9. Fatfunds Listed: 88 days! Profit: 2.1% daily! Term: up to 100 business days!
10. Reelwa Listed: 73 days! Profit: 4-6% daily! Term: up to 60 calendar days!

It's been two weeks since the previous information survey was published. Strange though the fact is the Best Choice remains stable. Still the same four programs are listed there, and Hour Power is taking the lead. Some changes are actually observed in the Top Performers section of the survey.

The most significant progress has been shown by Investellect, the program, which managed to get on top of the list from the fifth place, it used to take two weeks ago. Betincome, which used to be the first one last time, has moved one place down today.

One more program, which used to take the third place, Earning Hour, has been removed from the top and now takes the 34the place in the hyipnews listing. In the Top Performers it was replaced with the newcomer - Pay Invest.

Successful Traders and Hour888 in their turn exchanged places. As for other programs - they look more or less stable, and so does their performance. Today the list of new programs isvery numerous. Some of them have even been promoted at HyipNews, their detailed presentation has been published after ordering the All Inclusive Package, which turns out to be highly effective for the hyip runners.

Various programs are offering various terms today, however daily paying plans prevail, while the number of hourly paying opportunities is minimum. The number of other programs launched recently is very small, possibly due to the summer period or something else. See the details in the list above.

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that all HYIPs investments presuppose high risks. We do not promote or endorse any programs listed here. Some programs may be illegal depending on your country's laws. Past Performance of any of programs is no guarantee for the same or similar future performance. Paying status and others status is for this monitor not for your. We don't give practice, all investments decisions are yours. DON'T SPEND WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE!

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